Saturday, January 22, 2011

birthday sledding

isa and phil went to a birthday party this afternoon (happy birthday addison!) at the Warming Hut in Sinks Canyon. i think this may have been the most "big kid" of all the birthday parties we've been involved in so far and it sounds like it was a total hit! a few dozen kids, sunshine, sleds, a cozy cabin with a raging fire, AND cake and ice cream? it's four year old bliss, plain and simple. you might be able to tell from the glare of the snow, but the conditions made for some fast sledding and isa has a nice strawberry on her cheek to prove it. but she came home entirely happy and thoroughly exhausted, so the face plant in the snow must have been worth it!
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  1. Wheeeeeeeee. How fun! You might as well enjoy it if it's going to snow.

    Love to all. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Many thanks, Phil, for not only taking Isa but taking the camera and getting us some great know how we grandparents are about pics. What a cool birthday party idea.