Thursday, January 6, 2011

on the ice

we headed over to the outdoor ice rink this afternoon for some afternoon skating. it was our first time of the season and we thought we'd take advantage of a perfectly warm afternoon to get out and have fun (notice no hats or gloves). isa only skated a few times last year so i didn't know how she'd do, but as always i am amazed at how fast kids learn and pick up right where they left off! she definitely enjoyed the push bar because it gave her alot of freedom and let her go faster. by the end of an hour, her balance had already improved alot and she was leaning on the bar less and less. even though it was after school hours, the rink was empty for the first half hour. a few kids trickled in here and there but we had the whole place to ourselves most of the time.

sylvi was a really good sport and enjoyed watching and guarding the snacks! she got a kick out of watching isa spin and slip and race around. hard to believe that she might be out there soon too!

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  1. What great pics! I love the one of Isa facing the camera with the helper bar.. Such a great help for kids! I loved these pics.. They are definitely their Daddy's kids... He always loved being outside in the winter! Thanks for taking these great pics! Love to all xoxoxoxoxo