Friday, January 7, 2011

a winter hike

as you can tell, we've taken every possible chance to soak up the warm sun this week! today was the warmest day yet-- 48 degrees in town! so we headed up the canyon to a little hike without our puffy coats. it was luxurious.
it's been really great this year that both kids can actively take part in whatever we're doing outside. last winter, sylvi was still pretty small and had just started walking, so she was mostly in the stroller or the carrier. she was certainly happy about that, but couldn't take part nearly as much. now she can keep up with her sister and make her own observations and generally play an active role in whatever we're up to. isa really enjoys this as well. yesterday at the skating rink, she called out to sylvi who was watching behind the fence and said, "sylvi, i wish you were big enough to skate with me too!" it was pretty heartwarming, to say the least.
so today we just enjoyed being outside and poking around and stretching our legs. isa, being the naturalist that she is, found some really cool tracks in the snow (that mommy completely missed). we didn't have our book with us, so we took some pictures to check out at home. finding the animal tracks turned out to be a perfect segue into making our own tracks and keeping them moving down the trail in search for more.
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