Tuesday, January 11, 2011


these two little snuggle buddies like to watch football together. no joke. nanny loves football and sylvi loves to snuggle. it's the perfect combination! nanny heads back to georgia this weekend and we are expecting some hard adjustments around here. as i've said before, isa can have a hard time with transitions-- she might never actually say it, but we notice it in her behavior and her overall attitude (fragile is the word that comes to mind after such events). so we've been trying to mention it here and there, that we are all heading to salt lake this weekend and nanny is going back to her house, etc. isa's teacher at school said she has noticed a little "attitude" this week and i suspect this is why. sylvi is not a fan either and promptly put on her pouty face and started to tear up tonight when when i reminded her of it. sad but true. guess that means we'll just have to start planning the next visit before this one even ends! and practice our phone skills, which would be great since both kids clamor for the phone and scream, "PapaBubbaQueenNannyGrammaPopPop" anytime there's someone on the other end!
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  1. ... its always hard to say goodbye to someone you love that you just don't get enough of... I can understand that... and it doesn't matter how old you are... xoxoxoxoxoxox Love to all