Wednesday, October 7, 2009

allergy testing

isa had some allergy testing done this morning to see if there was an obvious answer to the mild skin rash she's had since she was a tiny baby. alas, there was no obvious answer and of three dozen allergens she was exposed to, only two things (chocolate and oranges) were even remotely evident-- and even they were not enough to warrant the "allergic" label. but we are glad to have ruled many things out and get some questions answered. and you'll be relieved to hear that the new skin test are painless and non-invasive (though slightly less accurate than the old skin-prick test). isa did awesome and didn't even flinch! she was actually really interested in the whole process and proud of the "caterpillar" tracks that were left on her arms-- good job goose!

so what did they decide? that she mostly likely has very, very sensitive skin. and since it can be somewhat controlled by using sensitive skin products (and LOTS of lotion) that it's one of those "wait and see" issues that will hopefully not become a big issue. so we'll just keep on keepin' on with what we are currently doing, and be glad that she's not incredibly allergic to anything we can test for at this time!


  1. GREAT news and good job, Goose. So glad that you don't have any annoying allergies. See you soon. Nanny

  2. WTG Goose ! You love the lotion and its so fun to put on... makes you slickery.. Glad to hear its nothing much to concern yourself with now. Love you mmuuuaaaahhh ! ! !