Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sometimes she humors me

part of being born into this family means that you have to put up with some amount of having a camera in your face. they don't call me 'the papparazzi' around here for nothing! in sylvi's case, this means being the on-call model. her sister revolted on this a long time ago, but sylvi is still (mostly) happy to oblige-- as long as i let her have some fun in the process, which in this case meant sitting in the rocking chair and trying to rock herself. unfortunately i think this little modeling honeymoon will soon be coming to an end, as she is increasingly mobile (read: FAST) and less willing to sit still!

in case you haven't seen it yet, she is modeling the New Modern Christmas Lounge Set in these pictures!
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  1. OH Please don't tell me there will be no more MAB Schneider models. Can't bear to think about that. Roo, you have to sit still for Mommy AND Nanny for at least a little longer. Love and miss you all...won't be long before I'm out there. Nanny

  2. Love it! Keep up the great work Sylvi! I'm glad to are helping mommy. Pics are so great! I know you take a ton.. but you get some gorgeous shots ! Love to all.... xoxoxoxox