Wednesday, October 28, 2009

happy ELEVEN months sylvi!

hard to believe another month has passed and the Roo is ELEVEN months old. never mind the fact that in just 30 days she will be a one year old. *sniff sniff*

at eleven months, sylvi just still as sweet and happy as ever. she still smiles at anyone and everyone and enjoys interacting more and more each day. she is definitely a talker and you can usually find her anywhere in the house if you just listen-- because she is almost always singing or talking to herself or anyone else that will listen! i think her first word (aside from mama and dada) is going to be baby. she already signs it and says "Day-dee!" with a big smile if prompted. actually, she will pick up just about anything and hold it and rock it while saying "day-dee". what can we say, the girl likes her babies... or shampoo bottles or sippy cups, or whatever else she can snuggle in her little arms! she is also starting to reliably sign "more" and "all done" as well, which makes feeding time alot more fun.

she isn't walking yet, but she has "accidentally" taken a few steps before she realized that no one was holding on to her. her two bottom teeth have almost completely come in and we're hoping for a little reprieve before the rest of them follow. she loves playing peekaboo and will giggle herself to tears being "chased" around the house in her birthday suit before bath time each night. she is a silly one, i tell ya.

there you have it, sylvi at eleven months. happy birthday roo!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Roo. Can't wait to see you and how much you have grown in the 8 months since I saw you. Hope it's ok with Mommy and Daddy for me to bring all of your presents and celebrate your birthday a little early while I'm there. See you and everyone else day after tomorrow. Love you. Nanny

  2. Happy 11th Month ! Wow have you come a long way! From snugglin' in that furry baby blanket to that charming smile that you give! So wonderful to hold and hug... You are definitely growing up beautiful and cheerful... One more month to go for Number ONe b-day... stay happy Love you all xoxoxoxox