Saturday, October 24, 2009

for bub and queen...

these pictures crack me up! getting both of them to sit on the couch together for thirty seconds was akin to herding cats. sylvi looks wary (or terrified?) and isa looks like her normal maniacal self! they were very excited to wake up from their naps to a halloween package from bub and queen. now if we can get isa to turn off her blinking pumpkin necklace at bedtime... wish us luck with that!
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  1. These are really cute. The first one would make a great updated "about us" picture. Thanks for the post. Love to all Nanny

  2. LOLLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLLLOOOOLLLLLL I'm still laughin' lololololol cute pics... thanks
    love you all xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Cute pictures for sure. Sorry 'bout the blinking pumpkin, Isa just had to have one! Hope everyone is doing well and hope ya'll have some fun fall festivals to attend! We love you. Bubba and Queen