Thursday, October 8, 2009

let the (work) mayhem begin...

the season of Crazy has once again descended upon our little sweatshop of one. while i still don't like to say it outloud, for fear it actually being true, there is less than a month until the big Marketplace Magic show in Billings. for those who haven't heard yet, Mountain Aven Baby will be participating in this (huge) three day show November 6-8th. and while i am really looking forward to the show itself, it's the massive amount of work leading up to it that keeps me up at night-- both literally and figuratively speaking. on the To Do List are: 80 minky scarves, 65 chenille bibs, dozens of tees, lounge sets, and dresses, and a handful of other wares. luckily i have help for some of those things, but there is still much to do! the details are coming together ahead of schedule though, which is helpful. hopefully some of this planning will also help with Art in the Afternoon that takes place the first week in December as well. phil is being his normal handy self with regards to building displays and racks and the like, for which i am very grateful.

and all of this on top of the regular Holiday season that normally starts up by mid-October! as always, i am looking forward to the shows and sales and general fun of it all-- but i am also looking forward to a nice (perhaps warm and sunny?) vacation come January too!
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  1. Wish the vacation would be at the beach condo...will be warm compared to Wyoming in January. THINK ABOUT IT. Glad I can come out and help you with the Billings show and also with sewing the dresses. Don't get too stressed if possible. We'll take what we get done...period. Love and hugs to all. LOVE this picture of Isa. Nanny

  2. Looks like she isn't really serious about working to me.. :) I know the stress of handmade at this time of year. Just keep your cool and it will get done. Wish I could be there to help with the little girls. It will work out. Good luck with the show! Make your dreams work well for you... love you all xoxoxoxo