Saturday, October 17, 2009

scissor happy

you might notice that someone's hair looks much shorter all of the sudden? that's because isa and mommy had a spontaneous haircutting session this afternoon! what can i say-- i was tired of tangled nightmare, so i asked isa if she wanted to cut her hair short and she replied with an emphatic yes. and that's what we did! it's really short and super, super cute. hard to tell from this picture, but the back in a little shorter than the front and with the little bit of curl that her hair naturally has, it hangs just right. we cut off about three inches total and we both love it!
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  1. I love it, too. Looks so cute with the shape of her little face. I assume that she was fine during the process. Love to all. See you SOON.

  2. Well done! such a cutie! I love it... xoxoxoxox

  3. Looks just like your haircut when you were that age Blair. Too cute and so much easier I'll bet.