Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sylvi at Ten Months...

i just couldn't decide which picture i liked best here-- so for this special Ten Month post, you get two special pictures!

it has been a BIG month for Sylvi! this little girl has packed a whole lot of newness into thirty days. let's see: she got her first teeth (bottom two), learned to crawl in ernest, stand on her own, and start to take steps! she has learned to wave hello and goodbye and has added the word "baby" to her vocabularly (or so we think?). she has also earned the nickname Nosey Rosie, as she must know what is going on at all times! no joke! she is really, really curious about people especially and does not like to be left out of any conversation. so if someone around her is talking, she will crane that skinny little neck and that big ole head until she can see where the voice is coming from. and if she feels so inclined she will also start chatting as well, just to make sure her voice is heard. this also means that she will follow you around the house to make sure she can see what you're doing (especially if you're on the phone!). while she is still happy and content to play and explore on her own, she is not afraid to check in anyone and everyone in another room.

we are seeing more of her personality come out lately as well. she is a social butterfly and will smile at anyone who catches her eye-- this drives the old ladies in the grocery store crazy! she doesn't seem to have any stranger anxiety in general and will let just about anyone hold her. although she does still have her favorites, and will start flapping her arms like a baby bird anytime isa or daddy walk into the room!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, indeed, Miss Sylvi. Loved watching you crawl and clap for big sister as she stomped the rockets...too cute. Can't wait to get out there in 4 weeks to see how much you have grown since the April beach trip. Keep your happy nature and infectious smile...Nanny loves you all.

  2. Happy 10-mo B-day Sweetness! YEA ! **clap-clap *** Love you xoxoxoxox