Saturday, February 6, 2010

little miss attitude

i hesitate to joke about sylvi's new found attitude, mostly because i don't want to mock her and also because i don't want it to come back to bite me in the behind! but little roo has been showing us a little bit of sass lately! hard to believe, but it is true. anyone who has spent any time around sylvi can tell you that she is a total peace muffin-- she is happy and mellow and laid back and is generally not bothered by much. but given her age and all her new found mobility, she is finding the need to express her (occasional) displeasure by doing a few new things. first of all, there is what we refer to as the "stink eye" or the schneiderpants scowl. we call it that because she looks just like her daddy when she looks down, cuts her eyes and purses her little lips. she usually does this after she wakes up from her nap and she's not quite happy about being awake yet. her other new trick is to throw the sylvi version of a tantrum. to be honest, after surviving isa as a two year old, there are not many tantrums that phase us around here. if you've ever seen isa throw a fit, you know what i mean-- the girl is determined. but sylvi's version is a bit more toned down and (admittedly) alot cuter. and it only lasts about ten seconds, which is nice as well. it usually happens when something is taken away from her (the tv remote) or when she can't do something she really likes to do (pull all the dvds off the shelf and throw them in all directions). she will get her best scowl on her face, stomp her feet as fast as she can and screech with all her might. until a few seconds pass and she tottles away without a care in the world, happy to see what else she can get away with.
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  1. You're right...I can't imagine sweet Sylvi scowling or pitching a fit. However, that being said, I think I have heard her a couple of times on the phone being quite vocal. I agree with you about the tantrums Goosey can throw...another whole story. All in all, they are just too cute and sweet to get very upset with them. You MUST try to capture the Schneiderpants scowl for us. Hugs and kisses to you all. So glad you are getting out to the pool to help abate cabin fever. Love Nanny

  2. We can only hope that all the tantrums are like that... I have my fingers crossed !