Tuesday, February 9, 2010

tea party tuesday

isa decided it was time for a little tea party yesterday afternoon and her "sisters" Sylvi and "baby Alicia" were invited. little did we know that the baby doll had a name! but apparently she does have a name and she also really likes milk and cookies. even though it was a tea party, rice milk and graham cookies were on the menu. not that they cared or anything, but the tea party setting did look a little sparse-- looks like maybe we need to motivate on getting a little tea set after all!
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  1. A "real" tea set is definitely in order. Maybe a good Valentines Day present...huh? I never cease to be amazed at the look that Sylvi always has on her face when she is playing with Isa. You can just see the way she idolizes her big sis...SO sweet.

  2. I love it when they play together ! Does Sylvi sign to Isa and does Isa understand her signing?? So cute! Yes! They need a tea party set.. that is my vote ! xoxoxoxox love you all!