Sunday, February 14, 2010

teton canyon

howdy from the tetons! here are a few pictures from yesterday's adventure in teton canyon, over on the idaho side (which is where we are hanging out). we didn't have much luck finding a cross country set up for mommy, so the plans changed a little. instead of doing much skiing, there was alot of sled pulling and moose-hunting. ok, isa and phil skiied around and looked for moose tracks (they found a ton!) while mommy and sylvi roamed around with the sled. it was fun, even without the skis, and the girls enjoyed themselves. we've also been spoiled with warm, sunny, blue sky days-- even better!
we actually just got back from Targhee and are all lounging around and/or napping before we head out for a Valentine's Day/Anniversary dinner out the Royal Wolf. as soon as we have a spare moment (i.e. when we get home tomorrow?) we will load more pictures. rest assured there will be plenty of pics from isa's first trip on the magic carpet included!
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  1. Thanks for all of these pictures...really didn't expect any until after you returned home...what a treat. Looks like Isa certainly enjoyed herself. She is such a natural and how could she be any thing else with her parents. Happy Anniversary...can't believe it's been 4 years. CONGRATULATIOINS. Love you all.

  2. I see those toothies Sylvi - good shots! I'm glad that you love the snow with them! Enjoy ~~