Saturday, February 6, 2010

to the pool!

itching to jump in.

the face of anticipation.

sylvi kept saying, "whoaaaa!" over and over.

the face of overstimulation and bit too much chlorine.
we decided we were overdue for a trip to the pool this weekend. it had been a really, really long time since we had all gone together. sylvi hadn't been there since before she was even crawling, so it was a whole new ballgame for her today today. isa was her normal energetic self, jumping and splashing and kicking and bouncing all over the kiddy pool. for her part, sylvi was a bit more reserved (can't blame her-- even the kiddy pool felt cold today!) and wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. but she warmed up to everything quickly and had alot of fun too. she was in awe of everything around her and spent some time walking around saying, "whoaaaaaaa." over and over.
it looks like we will have both of them in swimming lessons this summer-- isa in the preschool class and sylvi in the parent/baby class. it makes for alot of pool time each day, but it's well worth it. in the meantime, rec swim here we come!
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  1. What a great thing to be able to do when it is so cold outside. I know the girls enjoyed, too. Thanks for the great pictures...even better than Friday Flashbacks.

  2. WHOA! That is what Sylvi was saying to us on SKYPE.. knocked us off our chairs, it did! She is really excelling in leaps and bounds on speaking and signing and everything! The pool is such a good relief from the winter doldrums. Glad you all went together! I loved the anticipation pictures and am proud that she just didn't haul off and jump in ! lol xoxoxoxo