Sunday, February 14, 2010


ahhhh, the great american family roadtrip! thank god for the great american minivan! the girls did really, really well on the way over friday. (fortunately?) sylvi didn't take a morning nap before we left, so she was already asleep in her carseat before we left lander! and she continued to sleep until we got to Moran Junction (that's about 2.5hrs!) which was fabulous for all involved. this meant that isa and i got to spend lots of quality time in the backseat-- there were many a picture colored, alphabet games played, sticker pages made, shapes cut, and books read, with the occasional sesame street video thrown in. all in all, it was a great ride over and we're hoping that the way back tomorrow goes half as smooth. speaking of which, we are taking a bit of a detour on the return trip to check out the new aquatic center in pinedale. we've found that swimming is always a good way to ensure sleepy kids for a long car ride!
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  1. Looks like Sylvi "graduated" to the big front facing carseat and Isa got a new one. So glad the trip went pleasantly. Can you imagine doing that with 3 children, in a "regular" car and NO DVD player...times they are a changing.
    Safe travel tomorrow. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY...good talking to you tonight.

  2. Great pics! Glad you could enjoy your vacation trip to the Tetons! xoxoxoxoxo