Saturday, February 27, 2010

saturday stroll

ah yes, it's officially mud season here. or atleast slushy dirty ice season. last week's big snow is melting away (yay!) and giving a certain preschooler lots of puddle stomping opportunities. good thing we got a new pair of rain boots that fit recently, as isa's feet have grown almost two sizes over the winter!
today was feeling a little slow and cranky, so we thought it would be the perfect afternoon for a walk around town. sylvi was content to hang in the chariot, as long as she could see what isa was up to in the puddles and slush piles. all this melt off and 40F degree sun means spring just might be around the corner afterall. YAY!
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  1. CUTE boots, Isa. Don't forget that I also have a precious pair of boots for her. Can't remember exactly what size they are but I think they are bigger than an 8...they look pretty big. Will dig them out of the storage box and check. So glad you are having warmer weather and can get out. Love and miss you all. MOM

  2. yeah, i was trying to remember what size they were. these are 8s and i dont think they're gonna fit for long! i had her foot measured and she's almost in a 9 already-- up from a 7 this fall. might need a size up soon!

  3. I made some pictures and just sent them to your Hotmail so you can see the boots. Let me know what you want me to do.