Monday, January 11, 2010


sunday was the day that sylvi decided to try out some of her new words. among them was: poop, yes, bubba, and eat. it may be that she is just keen on repeating things she hears often, but it really does seem that she knows what she is saying and not just repeating the sounds. she is also starting to realize the power of her words and signs and asks for things she wants more often. several times yesterday when she was upset and tired, she would walk over and sign bath-- this is her favorite part of the day, so it makes me wonder if she was done with being cranky and tired and would rather just skip straight to bathtime! ha! me too :)
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  1. Who doesn't like a nice, warm, relaxing bath. Give the girl a bath in the middle of the day if she ask for it...what you got to lose. Love to all. MOM

  2. She is so smart, just like her sister... but then what would you expect from parents that are also very smart! :) xoxoxoxoxox