Friday, January 8, 2010

isa ballerina

how cute is a room full of three year olds dancing around in pink leotards? very, very cute! isa had her first ballet class and to say that she liked it would be a huge understatement. the girl is in love. she was like a fish in water-- it was clearly her element! since it was the first class, parents were able to stay and watch (even though isa told me to leave!) so i got to catch of glimpse of it all. i was actually really surprised how well she participated. she was clearly enjoying herself.
the only problem is that now she wants to go to ballet all the time, every day. she was really disappointed to hear that the class is only one day a week. but she was pleased to come out of nap time with her own package of ballet goodies from the mail. her first pair of slippers, two skirts and some new leotards. watch out world, isa ballerina has been born!
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  1. OMG I think I am going to cry just looking at these. Isa is just one of those kids who is going to LOVE everything in skating, skiing, ballet, gymnastics, etc. The little outfits look so adorable on her. Don't forget also that she has the white long sleeve leotard that I gave her as part of the fairy costume for Christmas. THANK YOU SO MUCH for these pictures. You can't imagine how much I miss everyone. Love Nanny

  2. Nancy, you just took my words right out of my mouth... I just got through telling PopPop that I was going to cry... and there you were.
    I'm in an awestruck state... athletics and dance and music... don't forget her love of the marching band music ! ! I need to send you a you-tube video of some marching bands.. Oh, I'm thrilled that she loves ballet/dance, and she looks like a natural too ! At ALL of it ! love to you all.... xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Also.... please tell me there will be video at her first recital... please, please, please.