Thursday, January 28, 2010

happy fourteen months sylvi!

have bag, will travel.

sitting is serious business.

and alot of fun!

i know i say this every month, but really? i cannot believe sylvi is fourteen months old already! she's been up to alot of new and fun things in the last month. it's been a blast to see her personality develop and for her to become less of a baby and more of a toddler. i am still not ready to admit that she might actually be a toddler soon, but we're working on that.
so what's she been up to? quite a bit of talking and signing, not surprisingly. she is picking up more signs in general and also starting to use several signs together to say what she thinks/feels and then what she needs. she has started signing "more" and "food" together, as well as "help" and "out" (usually in reference to the bath tub or toy basket or anything she can't crawl out of on her own). sylvi has also added a few new words to her vocabularly as well: snack, nap, out, and 'pabo' in reference to her little buddy pablo, whom she spends her wednesday mornings with.
this has also been a BIG month for mimicking and immitating. as usual, she wants to do whatever isa is doing-- this includes waddling around the house in isa's ballet skirts and sitting in the "big girl" chairs that go with the kiddie table. she also gets a kick out of wearing my clothes as well, as you can see from the hat she's sporting in these pictures. she spends alot of time going through the hat/glove basket finding everyone else's hats she wants to try on.
ah yes, good times, good times in the life of sylvi. keep it up kiddo. we love you!
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  1. You are a real cutie Sylvi.. I love your taste! 14months old... she is becoming a really smart cookie and is learning leaps and bounds ! I'm so proud of you ! What a joy it is to watch you grow xoxoxoxoxoxo