Saturday, January 16, 2010

she skis!

after a few sessions of playing around in the yard, we took isa to the groomed cross country track at the golf course today. and it was AWESOME! she had so much fun, as did the rest of us (ok, sylvi was less than pleased with having to ride in the backpack most of the time). the skis worked great for allowing her to "skin" uphill, which was good for practicing keeping them under control and for keeping her balance. when it was time for the downhill she got the hang on bending her knees and leaning forward eventually (we told her to stick out her bum, and that did the trick) as well as slow herself down by making a "pizza wedge" with her skis.

after about a half hour of skiing, and a couple of runs down the sledhill, she asked for a break because, "this is really alot of work!" she also asked to take her skis off because her "toes are tired and so are these skis."

good times, good times. we are hoping to make it over to Targhee sometime soon so she can get some real skiing in, or atleast have fun on the magic carpet!


  1. Good Job ISA ! ! I'm so impressed! And you love doing it... I can see it on your face! Thanks for the great pics. There is one that is the wallpaper on this computer! Just makes you smile, doesn't it?? xoxoxoxoxo love to all.

  2. As only Isa can put it...too cute. Thanks for the pictures. I am actually seeing them all on the blog now...YIPPEE!!! Don't know if it has anything to do with you having a new computer or mine just deciding to behave. Love and miss you all. Nanny