Friday, January 15, 2010

flashback friday returns!

flashback friday is back! w00t w00t! now that i once again have access to older photos (they were backed up elsewhere when the old computer was crashing. now they are on the new Mac-- yay!) i can surprise the grandparents with the occasional photo flashback. it was hard to choose though, since it's been so long. here is isa at around 12 months old. sylvi actually wore this dress this week and i had to chuckle a little-- it was almost at isa's ankles when she wore it-- cleary sylvi is a bit taller than her sister at the same age!
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  1. This grandparent thanks you immensely. Why don't you take a picture of Sylvi in this dress, too. Would be fun to see the 2 side by side. Love and miss you all. Nanny

  2. So cute, and yes, thank you also for the comparison... :) Love and missed the flashbacks... glad you have your "tools" back lady ! xoxoxoxox love to all!

  3. wow... look at that old floor.. omg ! things have changed...xoxoxox