Monday, June 14, 2010

birthday (cheese)cake

it wouldn't be a birthday without some cake, so we had a little lunch time party today, complete with candles and daddy's favorite desert-- cheesecake! isa was insistant that the candles be placed just so (grouped by color and making a plus sign) and that she get to help blow them out. sylvi was pretty fascinated by the lighter and didn't take her eyes off the flames. she looked a little perplexed and i think she was wondering what on earth we were doing to that cake! mommy and daddy were pretty pleased with a little lunchtime dessert as well :)
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  1. Sylvi's facial expressions are all priceless. Love Isa's candle arrangement...she is so like me when it comes to "order" of things. The cheesecake looks yummy. By the way, Phil, it is my favorite dessert, too. Love you all.

  2. From the looks of the shovel Sylvi has, she is literally ready to dig into a BIG piece.

  3. Wow... Lucky you Phil! Cheesecake for lunch dessert ! You must rate around there! I detect a little organizer there in the 3 yr old xoxoxoxoxo to all