Wednesday, June 23, 2010

little swimmer

sylvi just finished up a session of swimming lessons at the pool today! yay sylvi! this was her first official round of lessons and she loved them. she was in the parent/child class this year, which meant that mommy and daddy both had the treat of going in that freezing cold water four days a week. eek! speaking of cold water, we got some long sleeve rashguards for her this time around and it made a big difference in keeping her comfortable. no blue lips and chattering teeth for this baby!

this class is all about allowing them to be comfortable in the water, and not so much actual swimming lessons. they go under water and learn to hold their breath (theoretically!), hang on the wall and climb out, kick their feet, reach in front of them, etc. sylvi was thrilled with the whole thing, regardless of the cold water, and got really excited when anyone mentioned the word "swimming" in the morning. of course she also loved getting to play in the baby pool for the last bit of class and a quick dip in the hot tub too! note: mommy mostly appreciated the hot tub.

for her part, isa was a good sport about that fact that she didn't get to go swimming this time around. but she starts her preschool class next week, so it won't be a long wait at all!


  1. SO glad these pictures came up...the last ones didn't. Looks like she really did like it...that's great. I'm proud of you Isa for being such a good sport about not getting to swim. Your turn's coming. Thanks for the pics.

  2. YAAAYYY Sylvi.. Great Job... One day you will be just as good as your big sister ! I love that you are taking them in early... They will enjoy the water more the rest of their lives. :)
    xoxoxoxoxo love to all