Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Popo Agie Flood 2010

nature trail-- parts of the sidewalk are gone and the bridges are questionable.

one missing chunk between canyon and main street.

a small river running down one side of fremont street, in front of city park.

fremont street-- dry on one side, wet on the next. the overflow eventually goes down fremont and back into the river.
the water keeps coming here and it doesn't look like it's going to crest for another few days, atleast. there is speculation that it will surpass the highest recorded flood that occured in 1963. here are some pics we took from around town this afternoon-- might not look like much to those who don't know the area, but for here it's ALOT of water. there have definitely been homes flooded at this point and more than are at risk as the waters continue to rise. there is a massive sandbagging effort under way and National Guard and FEMA crews are working around the county as well. not that we want to invite any more disaster at this point, but maybe FEMA will ship Papa Bubba HERE for the next few months to clean it all up!
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  1. Wouldn't that be totally cool if your dad got sent out there? Good for everyone. Miss you all.