Thursday, June 10, 2010


we're running a little behind on the blog lately, mostly because there is just a bit too much going on around here to keep up. as predicted, the transition from school year to summertime has been a little crazy (not bad, just crazy). isa started her month long (three mornings a week) spanish camp and sylvi started swim lessons. isa seems to really like spanish camp and comes home thoroughly exhausted. we haven't gotten her to recite many new words yet, but she surprises with one every now and then! sylvi is a little fishy, as expected, and really loves swimming lessons. she gets really excited when she sees her swimsuit now!
in addition to all this fun stuff, the girls are also getting into their summer babysitting routine with kindal, who has watched them in previous summers. they love kindal and also get to hang out with their other buddies at the same time, so that's a win win for everyone. this means that mommy is working alot more now, wrapping up wholesale orders and getting ready for three summer shows. the sweatshop is officially in full swing.
as for the photos above-- when the temps really started to climb last week, we went for a few afternoon ice cream treats. as you can see, these two thoroughly enjoyed their mango sorbet.
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