Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!

we had some birthday celebrating to do this morning for Daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! we saved the cake and candles for lunch time and will have a special birthday dinner out tonight to keep the celebration going. hope you have the best year yet daddy, we love you :)
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  1. Sylvi's face in both pictures is PRICELESS. Happy Birthday, Phil. I know your day with "the girls" will be extra special. Have a nice date tonight. You are the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!XOXOXOXO

  2. Whoa! look at Sylvi's face, she looks soooo surprised ! She loves packages doesn't she??
    Happy Birthday Phil, we love you ! xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Happy Birthday Phil! Hope you and your girls have a great day. Love Sylvi's expression in the second pic. So cute! Queen

  4. yeah, sylvi's face in these pictures cracked us up. that first one is her "cheese" face, which she does anytime you ask her to smile for the camera. she says, "CHEEEEEESE!" and squints her eyes shut while she smiles.