Saturday, June 5, 2010

high water

grab your mud boots and your shovel folks, it's time to fill some sandbags! the popo agie river is above floodstage at the moment, as a result of high precipitation levels in the mountains and warm sun-- that means BIG run off! as you could imagine, this is pretty big news for such a small town and there is alot of work going into sandbagging the banks all over town. to add to that, one of the diverter gates (that diverts the overflow into smaller ditches through town) broke last night and flooded people along the main ditch... and Main Street! we got out to do some errands this morning and saw that one of four lanes of Main St. was covered in running water. wow. the water hasn't been this high since 1963 and doesn't appear to be going down soon. this picture was taken in Sinks Canyon this afternoon, hard to tell but this is where the water normally sinks into an underground cave (usually to reappear a mile down the road in the "rise" of the Popo Agie) except when it's so high that it overflows the sink.
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  1. Raging water! Wow. thanks for the update. I wondered how the high waters were flowing.