Thursday, June 10, 2010


we interrupt this baby blog for another weather/flood report. as you can see from the dark skies, the forecast is pretty ominous at the moment. the flood waters seemed to be receeding yesterday but are now on the rise again, with another crest predicted in the next 24hrs. it's incredible to watch the waters continue to rage and every day there is more and more damage along the river. there is substantial damage outside of lander as well, in some of the communities on the Reservation and north to Riverton. we are expected to get more snow and rain this weekend, and while that sounds pretty bad, warm sun might be even worse. yikes. less weather and more baby blogging soon, we hope...

p.s. for those who'd like more up to date info, you can check the Fremont County Flood 2010 facebook page for more pictures and info.
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  1. WOW...fantastic pictures. The whole backyard, deck, lilac bush, and swingset look incredible. LOVE the new pillows in the deck chairs and last but not least, the new blog look. THANKS so much for so many pictures...what a treat to come home to. Love to all. Nanny