Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hi ho, hi ho...

here is a little sneak peak into what's been going on in the shop lately. lots of bags, scarves, bibs, blankets, dresses, tees, lounge sets... and so on and so forth. i am sure i will regret saying this in about two weeks, but at the moment progress is moving along well in preperation for the first Art Fair Jackson Hole show in mid-july. there is still alot to be done, in addition to finishing two wholesale orders, but so far so good. guessing how many items will sell is a little bit of a mystery-- some items sell like hotcakes at one venue and don't sell at all in another. but since there are three shows in a matter of 4 weeks, the more i get done now, maybe the less i have to do later? stay tuned...

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  1. Well, of course! But, I can't imagine these items not selling, no matter where the venue... but I suppose, it can happen. Lets hope you sell the heck out of everything ! :) Good luck !!! xoxoxoxox to all