Friday, December 10, 2010

around the house...

it really starts to seem like winter when everything is centered on being inside. ok, not that we have become complete hermits already, but it still really feels like winter when you spend so much time indoors. so, given the disclaimer, here's what our week looked like... we have a family of six deer that come and hang out in the yard every day. it's not a surprise anymore to look up from the windows of the shop and be face to face with an inquisivite deer. yesterday they finished off the rest of the pumpkins on the porch. sylvi was pretty ticked at this and i think we can safely say that deer have been added to the same list of disliked animals as the seagulls.
we've been doing some crafting and decorating as well, hence the color felt balls and the resulting garland. it was intended to be a kid-friendly project but turns out it takes alot of time to thread all those balls (with a needle and pliers too, actually). so they didn't make it through the whole thing, but they did enjoy picking out each ball and helping find a pattern for a while. and of course they love the end product now, so that's something!
sylvi had her two year screening at isa's preschool this morning, and she was very excited about it. as soon as she knew we were headed to the school, she insisted on wearing her backpack. she really enjoyed the screening and took part in all the sections, passing with flying colors like we figured she would. now we just sit back and wait and hope she gets a spot for preschool next year. that's right... sylvi will be in preschool next year and isa in kindergarden. all i can say is WOW.
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