Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas (eve)

the blog has been pretty dormant this week for alot of reasons, but mostly just from every day life details that have added up to mean no spare time for blogging. we've had our share of sickness in the last week (and i don't think we're done yet, unfortunately). sylvi came down with a nasty respiratory bug midweek and is still under the weather. a last minute trip to the doctor and a steriod shot have helped, but she is still a sad little sickling. before that, we were burning the midnight oil working on the new kitchen. we'll post more pictures of that later, but it entailed a few very long days and late nights trying to get 'phase one' done with. we had a small (tacky) christmas party as well, which was a ton of fun and may become a christmas tradition for years to come. sadly we were too busy being tacky to actually break out the camera for documentation purposes!
these photos are from a little christmas eve walk we took this afternoon. with all the sickies and house work, everyone needed some fresh air and vitamin D. we've been lucky enough to have pretty mild temperatures for the last week and figure we should enjoy it while it lasts! isa enjoyed "ice skating" through the frozen gutters, but was a little disappointed to just watch everyone else as we passed by the skating rink.
there you have it, a very crazy week in a nutshell. more christmas commentary and photos to come tomorrow and through the weekend!

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