Monday, December 6, 2010


and now it feels like christmas. isa and i decorated the tree tonight and can now sit back and enjoy the view. sylvi just couldn't stay awake for all of the action, as she is getting caught up from a week of being sick and can barely make it to her normal bedtime without dozing off. but we saved lots of ornaments for her to put on tomorrow and will let her help with the angel as well. even though he doesn't necessarily agree, phil is sweet enough to indulge me in my "we must get a BIG tree" holiday impulse. what can i say? it's in my genes or something.
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  1. MAGIC for sure. SO many familiar ornaments that go back many years. Tell Sylvi I have at least a dozen more I am bringing for her and Isa to put on soon. Thanks, Phil, for the big're a sweetheart. As Blair said, "it is in her genes"!

  2. Tree looks good... your genes are just fine... one day you will have to get a tiny tree just for Phil.. :) Glad you have the girls help trim the tree.