Wednesday, December 29, 2010

channeling Bob Vila

we've been burning the candle at both ends lately trying to get lots of work done on this (lovely) old house. especially with nanny being here, we feel like we need to make the most of the winter time by checking off one project after another. i am pretty sure we could spend forever doing this and never really be done, but such is the way of old houses, i suppose. it's been an exceptionally busy few weeks and we've gotten alot done. most noteably, we (and mostly i mean Phil) have refinished the kitchen cabinets and tried to undo the mess that the previous owners left. the progress has been incredible, and it's not nearly done yet, but i will save those details to be shared with some before and after photos.
aside from that, we've spent time fixing up the guest bedroom downstairs-- it was a seriously dark and creepy room before, but is now pretty darn comfortable and inviting if i do say so myself. and it's nice to finally have a bonafide place for guests to stay. painting the dark stained wood paneled walls made the biggest difference, but a trip to ikea and some sewing didn't hurt either!
as i sat down and started writing this post i realized that i actually don't have many pictures of all of this work to share. oops. but i do have a few pictures from our room (which used to be dark red with gold foil all over it... wow) and a few shots from the newly painted girls' room. after four years and three tries, we finally got the green *just* how we wanted it. they love it and so do i... and if they wouldn't kick me out, i'd probably spend more time laying on the sheepskin rug stairing at the green walls!
more pictures to come!
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  1. you two will have that place ready for HGTV soon if you don't slow down... save something for next everything is shaping up nicely!