Thursday, December 30, 2010

ask and you shall receive...

we asked for some snow and we got some snow! yippee! i think it's just what this sickly little group needed today. or maybe all of us except for phil, who was the last to get sick and still in the throws of the virus. it's been snowing since last night and isn't supposed to stop until tomorrow. even though it's pretty cold out (7 degrees) it was well worth the time and energy to get everyone layered up and out of the house. if this were february and we hadn't been couped up for a week, we probably wouldn't have motivated... but we needed to get out. and we are very glad we did.

we didn't need to go very far-- the backyard has plenty of snow and the swingset made for some good entertainment too. we intended to round the block on the sled, but a slight wind and dropping temps made us think otherwise. luckily isa was thrilled to be pushed down the (very, very gently sloping) driveway instead! cheers to simple, snowy pleasures followed by hot chocolate and whipped cream.

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