Friday, December 31, 2010

behold, a playroom...

i am pretty sure playrooms were one of those (pre-children) concepts that i thought were frivolous and just a way to take up space. and then i had kids-- and that once shunned idea was added to the list of many other things that i'd never do (like portable dvd players and pacifiers). until we bought this house, we really had no room for a playroom, so it was a moot point. but now that we're here, i think it might be my favorite room in the entire house. not because it's neat and pretty, but because it serves a very definite and convenient function. of course the girls love it too and spend alot of time playing down there and generally tearing the room to shreds. it's a good thing the playroom has a door that closes!
i am not sure where all these toys were kept before we had this room, honestly. i think most of them were put away somewhere the majority of the time. so it's been nice to have things out and accessible but still try to keep the clutter and general toy overload to a minimum. i came across the round "school room" table on the local listserve recently for a whopping $10 and it's been perfect for craft projects and snacks and playing resturant. and since it's meant for a classroom, it's pretty indestructable, which is a bonus. you can probably tell from the photos that this is a dark, basement room with only one small window, so we've had to do the best we can with lighting and settle for that. the room was recently painted two shades of pink and peach, right before we bought this house. i can safely say that i never thought i'd be ok with pink walls, but these don't seem so bad and it makes a formerly dark room feel a little warmer so they will stay the same for now. the only thing lacking at this point is to hang some lines to display the girls' artwork and maybe frame a few of their favorites as well.
behold, a playroom!
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  1. I saw the room the other night on Skype! You did a great job with it! I know the girls will love it as they grow. Sending warming thoughts to all of you xoxoxoxoxox