Wednesday, December 29, 2010

let it snow

a constant fire and the sheepskin rug have helped us reach a desired level of cozy readiness.

of couse story time in your pjs doens't hurt either.

nor does a hefty stack of wood: cut, chopped, stacked.
i think it's safe to say that we are ready for a little change of scenery around here. it's been an infirmary for a week now and five out of five people in this house have been sick as dogs. it might be the flu, it might just be a bad virus, but either way... it's sucked. no other way around it, that's just the truth of the matter! so no one has been sleeping well and we've all been laying around sniffling and sneezing and wheezing (and crying, in the case of the littlest ones). to top it all off, sylvi got quite the busted lip this afternoon. it won't require stitches but it's pretty impressive-- so much so that she got herself a special milkshake for dinner tonight, lest she have to try to eat hard food and have it open up all over again. oy. and mommy managed a matching booboo by slicing the tip of her thumb cooking dinner as well. good thing for nice neighbors with fully stocked first aid kids.
so i think that fills our (un)health and wellness quota for the rest of 2010, no? as luck would have it (we're being optimists!) we are expected to have a good ole winter storm roll in tonight and stick around through the weekend. given that it's been a really mild winter so far, we think a little change in scenery might be nice. and assuming the temperatures climb back out of the negatives, i know two little girls who are looking forward to some serious snow play. bring it on. and let it snow!
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  1. Looks like the girls are keeping Nanny entertained. Cute pic of her and the girls, enthralled with the book. Looks very cozy indeed. Get well... Start the new year healthy! Love you all xoxoxoxo