Monday, December 6, 2010

the Nutcracker 2010

in unusually slow fashion, we are just now getting some Nutcracker photos and commentary up on the blog. i know, a whole 48hrs right? but what can i say, it's been a really busy weekend. thursday, friday and saturday nights were filled with late night dress rehearsals and two performances. then sunday was the annual Art in the Afternoon christmas show for mommy. on top of all that excitement, sylvi ended up with an ear infection and a weekend of feeling pretty under the weather (although still in remarkably good spirits, let it be known). we have alot to catch up on around here, but without further ado: the Nutcracker 2010!

isa's ballet school puts on a production of the Nutcracker each year as a fundraiser for a community member in need. this year, the show was in honor of one of the youngest dancers, who is being treated for a malignant brain tumor. she's only three years old and is now on round two of her battle. she lost almost all of her eyesight from the first surgery to remove the tumor but has still taken part in ballet this Fall. with the help of Ms. Tricia and some creative teaching tools (Krysta can really only see vague shadows), she was able to take part and dance with her class on stage. it was a sight to behold and i think it's safe to say that there were very few dry eyes in the auditorium.

as for the rest of the girls, they put on a heck of a show as well. it was really impressive, given that there are over 90 students ranging from toddlers to grown women. isa and her classmates were the "baby party girls" and took part in the open scene with Clara and her mother and sister. i know i'm pretty partial but... the little ones stole the show! they were clearly enjoying themselves and did their routine quite well, considering. even though it was alot of work, isa really enjoyed taking part and is already insistent on doing it again next year. sylvi is too, for that matter, and if the current trend holds she will be joining her sister on stage as well.


  1. OMG..didn't know the detail of the performance. It is things like that that brings everything into perspective. Seeing a happy, healthy, Isa on stage answers all prayers for me.

  2. What a lovely thing to do for that little girl. I'm so glad that the girls have these experiences and that they know what its all about. Lovely all the way around. I'm so proud of Isa and next year Sylvi too! Wow.. Thanks for posting all the pics... I loved revisiting them several times already :) love to all xoxoxoxoxoxo oh, and get well Sylvi! huggsss