Saturday, February 12, 2011

friday morning dance party (two)

to no one's surprise, sylvi was not going to be left out of any dancing. sylvi loves to play ballet (pronounced "bah-way") and gets her game face on for her moves. this usually entails pursed lips and a far away gaze, with her hands delicately pointed together over her head (check out that top photo). she spent a few minutes doing what one can only assume was an interpretive piece with a washcloth as well. it's pretty fun to watch, to say the least. once she was given a headband however, she loosened up a little and joined in on her sister's laid back style (hence the gangsta rap pose in the bottom photo). need less to say, sylvi is very, very excited about taking her own dance class this fall.
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  1. Will any stage be big enough for these 2 divas? Can't wait to see Sylvi at her ballet classes this fall. Love to you all. XOXOXOXOX

  2. Hope your house can contain these two DIVAS.... lol Just adorable, no matter what... love you all