Sunday, February 20, 2011

ski day

we had grand plans to head out to Beaver Creek this afternoon to ski around on the fresh snow, but it just so happens all that snow (and wind) closed the highway. so, we had to improvise! emily suggested we head out to her parent's place instead, which wasn't a hard sell at all. to sweeten the deal, there was birthday cake and hot chocolate waiting for us when we got back! we intended to soak in the hot tub for a while, but by the time we got back and sugared up, it was getting a little too close to dinner and bedtime.
the skiing was great though and everyone really enjoyed themselves. we rented a real pair of cross-country skis for isa and she really did well with them. emily (who used to teach skiing at Teton Village) said she thinks she is definitely ready for some downhill skiing. woohoo! the little ones were totally content to hang out in the sleds and stayed toasty warm wrapped up blankets and extra clothes, with a few hot water bottles sitting around them. they got a kick out of taking in the scenery (we saw dozens of deer) and watching the dogs run around and about all over the place. i think it's safe to say that the adults had an equally good time too!
we hope to head over to the "local" ski hill, White Pine, in a week or so to get isa on some downhill skis and have a family ski weekend. of course having the Pinedale pool right there doesn't hurt either!
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  1. Thanks for all the great pictures. I'm sure a busy day like that contributed to Isa's bedtime meltdown. Can't wait to hear how she does on downhill skis. I didn't realize it until I talked to a good friend of Papa's, at the party Sat. night, that Suzie Loefler's brother in law lives in Pindale. Her sister just died a few weeks ago...small world. Hugs to all.

  2. Oh what fun! Whose adult baca am I looking at! I can't wait to see some skiing love to all *****love you. Xoxoxoxo