Monday, February 7, 2011

playdough party

we had big plans for a sunny walk this afternoon, but the clouds rolled in and we bailed in favor of something a little less wintery-- so we made homemade playdough instead! i was inspired to give it another try, after a failed attempt with nanny a few years ago. we used this very basic recipe and it turned out perfectly! we quadrupled the batch and ended up with 16 kid-sized dough balls. it's a toss up who actually had more fun with this little endeavor, but rene and i had a a great time creating a dozen or so different shades of dough. for their part, the kids enjoyed thoroughly smushing the coloring into the dough and of course the end product as well. since this batch turned out so well, we might have to give it another go soon and up the ante... with peanut butter and chocolate flavored edible dough. yes, please.
for those willing to get their hands dirty making all sorts of homemade art supplies, this post is a great place to start. from watercolors, to doughs, even sidewalk chalk, there are some really good recipes to play with!
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  1. ooooo...they look good enough to eat, too. Glad you and Rene had better luck than you and I did. I'd almost forgotten about the fiasco.

  2. Looks wonderful! Homemade playthings! Yayayyyay! Have fun.. Don't forget to make more soup!