Tuesday, February 1, 2011


before the temps dipped way below zero, we squeezed every ounce of relatively warm weather out of the weekend. the girls were able to play outside for hours on end without frozen fingers or cold toes and daddy was able to get alot of wood cut, split, and stacked for the frigid week ahead. isa spent most of sunday afternoon playing in the sandbox (in her snowsuit!) and burying "treasures" in the remaining snow out back. we had also been promising the girls to s'mores over the fire pit for a while now and figured this was the best chance we might get-- it gets dark pretty early still, but it also gets really cold as the sun goes down! the s'more party didn't last too long before it was time for bed, but it was fun while it lasted. it made phil and i really excited for summer, when we can hang out on the new patio for longer in the evenings-- minus the snowsuits.
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