Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i haven't been spending much time taking photos for the shop lately. partly because it's winter and the girls are getting older (i.e. harder to wrangle) and partly because the light in the new house is challenging. the recent pictures for the shop have been uninspired at best. here's hoping spring and more sunshine changes that? if not we may be in trouble.
anyway, i made this little elephant set and really loved it, as did sylvi. so we took advantage of what little light we had and tried to get some decent shots. this was not without interference however, as isa was really disappointed not to be in the shots herself. nevermind the fact that is gets to model plenty of clothes around here. but aside from that, the photos went ok, atleast for our recently lowered/poor light standards... until i told sylvi that the clothes had to be taken off and were not for her to keep. oh my. that's when all h-e-l-l broke lose. suffice it to say that i will be making sylvi her own elephant set here in the very near future, lest her little pink-loving heart be broken forever.
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  1. The light may not be good but the outfit sure does match the wall perfectly. Love this outfit...nice to see girly elephants.

  2. I think your outages are just maarrrvellous! Lovely smiles... Every little girl needs her own elephant! Love you all xoxoxo

  3. Those are adorable, but I am not sure they should be the outtakes. Sylvi's cuteness alone makes me want to buy the elephant ensemble!!