Sunday, February 27, 2011

Girl's Ski Weekend

we got a last minute invite on thursday for Isa and I to head over to the Tetons for a (mama and big) girls ski weekend. it was a great idea and perfect timing so we packed out bags and got ready for a little getaway. we had been planning a ski weekend for the following weeks, but this trip seemed like too much fun to pass up. and isa and i haven't had a fun getaway, just the two of us, since before sylvi was born. it was definitely overdue.

the entire trip was a blast! the girls really enjoyed themselves and ate up every minute of the fun and distraction and general getaway of it all. we headed out early saturday morning and made our way over Togwotee Pass and into Jackson. after some thrift shopping adventure (thrift stores in jackson are like no other!) we headed to Snow King to play on the tow rope/bunny hill. this proved to be alot more work and alot less adventure than we had in mind. wrangling little ones on a not so steep (i.e. slow) slope and a fast tow rope is more work than it's worth! so after some slogging back up the bunny hill for a lackluster ski down, we decided it was time to hit the lifts. this wasn't exactly in the plan, but it was more than worth it! it was isa's first time on the ski lift and she couldn't have been more thrilled-- the lift ride itself was enough adventure to keep her happy! Snow King isn't the most ideal place for young beginners, but it was still great. isa did awesome on her first big girl run down hill, and even though it was tough at times, we both had a blast. i am guessing this will be the last year that she needs any help from us to make her way down. to no one's surprise, she was pretty fearless and i was glad to be able to keep her in check (actually, in a ski harness for some parts)!

as with most getaways, the hotel and hot tub proved to be just as enticing as the actual skiing. after a really long day, it was nice to settle in, go for a soak, eat some "big city" food and pass out by 8 pm! suffice it to say that there were three completely exhausted little girls that night!

on sunday, we took our time getting up and going and enjoyed the morning around town. there isn't a ton to do in jackson on a sunday (winter) morning, but we found plenty in the time we had! we were pleased to find that the roads were much better on the way home, which helped with two exhausted little girls who really wanted to get back to see their daddies and sisters. all in all, it was a near perfect ski weekend and we hope to be able to do it again soon! as for phil and sylvi, they had their own fun here at home-- including a trip to the pool, pizza with friends, and ice cream too :)

p.s. the big camera wasn't included on the trip up the lift, but stacy took hers and got some action shots, so we will post those when we get them!

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  1. WOW...what a special adventure for mommy and Isa. Hope it becomes an annual happening. If Isa
    attacked the slopes like she did the ice rink, it was something to see. Thanks, Phil, for being the wonderful Mr. Mom that you are. I know you and Sylvi had some special time together , too. Can't wait to see more pictures. Love and hugs to all.