Saturday, February 19, 2011

is it summer yet?

there's something about february that makes me wish it was summer... maybe it's the illusion of the shortest month of the year (that makes it feel like the longest?) or the ice everywhere or the overhwhelming urge to toss out the jackets and mittens. or it could be that we seem be planning our summer as the new year rolls in? who knows, but i am wishing for long days with warm sun.
part of that summer planning involves applying for summer shows and art fairs for the biz. the (big!) Art Fair Jackson Hole applications are due next week, so i've been trying to get my act together for that. after some thought, i decided to only apply for the july show this year. this is a bit of a gamble, as the july show gets more applications, but after seeing the sales last year (july vs. august), i'd rather take the chance and hope i get in to the one i really want most. not to mention that by the time the end of august rolls around, i am more than ready to be done for the season.
we also have alot of other fun things planned for august this year, which makes the decision easier. there's the family reunion in colorado in early august, as well as a llama trip in the Winds towards the middle of the month. yes, that's correct... we're packing llamas into the Winds! w00t. with a llama company here in town, it wasn't a very hard decision. the fact that two llamas can easily carry enough gear and food for the entire family make it seem pretty awesome as well. that's right, no schlepping of heavy packs and small children this year! we've got pack animals!
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  1. Wish your plans were to come east. You know you would love turquoise water, sugary sand (as Isa described it), and a choice of pools. HINT, HINT.