Thursday, February 10, 2011

thursday morning salvation

we woke up to another morning of below zero temps today. sad but true. at this point in the winter it's pretty expected, but that realization doesn't make actually getting up and out any easier really. but we needed to get out regardless, so we put on our big girl panties and rallied the best we could. unfortunately this wasn't without the frustrations of frozen car doors and little old ladies who really, really should not be allowed to drive. about the car doors-- apparently this is a common problem with minivans but it's also a really annoying one. both sliding doors refused to open for the first few hours of the morning, despite doing everything i could to get them to open... maybe including a minor hissy fit out of sheer desperation in the shadowy, cold driveway. ahem. anyway, the part about the little old lady was far less amusing and suffice it to say that we escaped without injury. but it did involve a serious near-miss involving four cars, very slicks roads, a little lady who obviously couldn't see over the steering wheel, and lots of honking and overall exasperation. phew. glad that's over with and hope that lady retires her keys in the near future.
sooooo, now that i got that all out of the way... the salvation to such a morning was an unexpected and spontaneous trip to the Children's Museum! *waves to stefani* thank goodness for such a place this morning. it was just what we needed. and since we hadn't been in a while, we were well entertained by the new exhibits and playspaces. hooray for that! and maybe for a nap too, which might be a part of the salvation as well :)
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  1. Seems we had the discussion when I was out there that a true driving test should be a requirement for license renewal after about age 75 or sooner. Just glad everyone is fine, and I am assuming the car is, too. Glad you had a fun morning which is quite obvious by these pictures...thanks for the post.

  2. Fun fun fun.... All the way around! Glad you escaped to the museum for change of scenery! Huggs and kisses!