Wednesday, June 3, 2009

crabby grabby

nothing like a leap in hand-eye coordination to get a baby girl excited! sylvi has realized just how powerful her grasp can be. she has always seemed rather tactile, in that she really enjoys grabbing hold of anything, particularly if it's soft and snuggly. now she is reveling in just how many things she can get her hands on, which means you really have to watch her! she is fascinated with hair (ouch) and anything you might put in your mouth. dinner plates, spoons, and feeding jars will never be safe again!
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  1. Hi Blondie...your "new" hair is looking whiter and whiter. Your fascination and self contentment will certainly be a plus for mommy.
    The little striped pjs you have on are exactly like the 2 pairs I just got for Isa. Love and miss you all. XOXOXOXOXO Nanny