Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summa, summa, summatime!

that's right folks, summer has officially arrived around here. hard to believe, but we made it past the solstice before the hot temperatures arrived. very happy about that! but now it is summer in earnest-- the sun never seems to go down (atleast before 10pm), it's getting hot by midday, the fans are running and the kiddie pool is filled to the brim. speaking of kiddie pools, we had a lovely playdate this afternoon with rene, charlotte, and timothy. three out of four babies were happy as clams in the pool (or sandbox or mud) and i am pretty sure that all adults involved were able to carry on a conversation. that's no small feat for a party with four children under the age of three.

on another note, the summer 2009 session of 'this ole house' is in full swing. phil has been slaving away at the fence, the beds are planted and watered, the garden is growing well, and sooner rather than later there will be a lovely new deck on which we lounge! we have deemed this "the year of the yard" and it seems to be so. stay tuned for photographic evidence of these projects and of course some regular kiddie cuteness...


  1. Be sure to take pictures all along the building process. Will be fun to look back later and see the "before and after". Won't be long before you have a glass of wine or two to enjoy on that deck while the girls play safely in the fenced yard. Love to you all. Nanny

  2. I was making note that we were able to talk-uninterrupted. I see more swimming playdates in our future :o)