Sunday, June 14, 2009

second haircut

it may have taken some bribery, but isa's second haircut went really smoothly! an early morning bath with mommy's "special lemon soap" and a video didn't hurt either! but hey, it worked, and the end result is one very cute little hairdo (if i do say so myself) and a happy little girl. i cut about 3 inches off and it already looks so much better. no more crazy tangles and little dreadlocks. hard to tell from the photos, but it actually ended up pretty even and with some nice layers too. as you can see, isa loves it and said, "Well, aren't I so cute!". indeed!

stay tuned later for a special HAPPY BITHDAY DADDY post!


  1. Sniff, sniff...hate to see the curls gone again, but I completely understand. And as I said before, it will always grow back out. Besides, we all need cool, summer, haircuts no matter how hot it is. You look ADORABlE, Isa, as always. I love you. Nanny

  2. You always look good Isa ! Good job on the hair - you and Mommy. Dread locks or not, you are adorable! huggs and kisses