Sunday, June 7, 2009

kids say the darndest things...

isa seems to have had a developmental leap as of late. usually these milestones are preceded by the most exhausting behavior-- so to see (or hear) her doing new and cool things makes the previous weeks of tantrums and mayhem seem somehow worth it. most of the time, atleast.

lately she has been cracking us up with the things she says. in general, she is expressing more free thoughts and observations. by this, i mean that she's gotten really good at letting you know what she thinks about a given subject or event or person or place. she's no longer just repeating phrases but coming up with her own genuine ideas and thoughts.

that being said, she is still venturing out into the world of language and social norms. most recently, she's been trying to repeat common phrases that involve meeting new people or seeing people we know out and about. "Nice to meet you!" is one such example, although usually she ends up saying "Nice to meet me!" instead. "It's so nice to see me!" is another example that makes everyone smile-- including isa herself, as she is quite proud to be trying out these new found phrases!

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  1. Gramma and PopPopJune 8, 2009 at 4:20 PM

    Great Scott Isa ! Wonderful that you have such wonderful role models to model for you! (be careful here I think its wonderful that you find her "wonder"full!! Everyday is one day closer to independence and a grown child! Go for it ISA !! Love you xoxoxo and Sylvi... I just know you will be scootin' your body across the floor, just any minute... then the fun will begin.... xoxoxo to you too !